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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )


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Music Distribution

Music Distribution services

Digital Music Distribution is a powerful and simple service we provide to get your music online, so that the world can hear it.

ForumCyber and VocAux Records provides quality music distribution services to independent artists and record labels around the globe. Our innovative music technology will make your life easier, allow you to understand your audiences and collect royalties for your work. Now you’ll be able to focus on being creative and making the magic happen!

While many other distributors charge per-track fees, album fees and platform fees, Identity Music has none of that! Our music distribution is free from upfront fees and hidden costs, meaning you won’t be hit with any unexpected bills. Our focus is on giving artists a stress-free way to upload music to Spotify, Apple Music and more.

We thank our Partner VocAux Records for helping our independent artists to grow.

Platforms where we distribute your music.