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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )


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“Actually, I Am Shandilya…” Mamata Banerjee Signs Off From Nandigram
4 months ago 6 Comments

At a rally in Nandigram – which will see a high-stakes prestige battle between Ms Banerjee and her aide-turned-rival Suvendu Adhikari – the Chief Minister led off by reminiscing about visits to temples, where priests asked her for her ‘gotra’.   Kolkata: As the curtains came down Tuesday night on campaigning for the second phase […]

4 months ago 1 Comment

The server of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) on Tuesday was hacked. The hacker also demanded Rs 500 crores, Technobug reported. Soon after the server got hacked, the work of all 16 regional offices of MIDC was completely closed. The reports claimed that the hackers have threatened to delete all the data and will destroy the […]

Modi’s Update
4 months ago no Comment
4 months ago 3 Comments

During a rally in Palakkad, PM Modi called the ruling LDF and the opposition Congress-led UDF “only different in name” and said their “match-fixing” was the “worst kept secret” of Kerala politics.   Prime Minister Narendra Modi, campaigning in Kerala today for “Metro Man” E Sreedharan, launched a sharp attack on the ruling Left Democratic […]

4 months ago 6 Comments

Following pandemic news too closely can be an emotional roller coaster, with dire public health warnings immediately followed by hopeful new studies. The latest soaring discovery: a new CDC study showing vaccines sharply cut all Covid-19 infections — not just symptoms. That news puts to rest one worst-case-scenario: that vaccines might protect the vaccinated against […]

Musk, Taleb and business leaders you can trust
4 months ago no Comment

SITG is shorthand for Skin In the Game, one of Taleb’s books. It argues that those who take major decisions must have measurable risk. That is, there must be negative consequences for decision-makers when their decisions produce negative outcomes. In other words, decision-makers must have skin in the game. Taleb’s SITG tweet to Musk’s appears […]

4 months ago 4 Comments

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is something that has become increasingly important over the last decade. A lot of companies are investing in a tracking system of some kind, whether simple or more complex. More recently cloud-based or internet-based CRMs have become a more popular option. With this CRM you can track your customers, your […]

4 months ago 5 Comments

Transformative Reach The next speech you give will determine whether someone in your audience lives or dies. This will be determined by the words you use, how you say them, your belief in what you say, and the passion and emotion you instill in your audience. My purpose isn’t to make you laugh. My purpose […]

5 months ago 6 Comments

Any time we look to change the status quo, there will be roadblocks, hurdles, and growing pains. But when it comes to aligning internal organizations in marketing and sales (and customer service), the struggle can pay off hugely. But no organization and no leadership should be looking to make these changes and shift internal processes […]

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